About us

Owl Conservation Association is a non-government organisation, gathering people interested in studies and conservation of these rare nocturnal birds. The goals of our organization are research, active preservation, education and promoting knowledge of owls among society.
If you are not afraid of roaming the woods at night, if in early spring you are looking forward to hear this mysterious hooting, you’re welcome to become one of us!
Objectives of Owl Conservation Association:
1. Research and monitoring of owl populations.
2. Active preservation of habitats and creation of refuges and breeding grounds.
3. Development and implementation of educational projects.
4. Organizing and leading workshops, seminars, conferences, classes and lectures in the context of environmental education.
5. Preparing and publishing scientific and popular-science publications related to environmental protection.
6. Performing bird conservation surveys, owl surveys, and other field work related to conservation of natural environment.
7. Cooperation with organizations, foundations, institutions and environmental movements, both national and foreign.
8. Providing opinions about land-use planning or any other actions which may impact on the environment.
9. Cooperation with appropriate local government organizations and state institutions in enforcing conservation laws and regulations.
10. Cooperation with other national and foreign organizations with similar goals.
11. Establishing non-profit organizations.
12. Taking legal initiative leading to conservation of valuable natural areas.


Polish Owls Atlas is a publication in progress, in which we want to summarize the knowledge of population sizes and distributions of owls in Poland for the years 1995 - 2017. Records for the atlas are collected via an online database, available at www.atlas.sowy.sos.pl. We are interested in all owl findings, both during breeding season and off it. We are also interested in discoveries of carcasses and others traces of residence, like  feathers, pellets, etc. We encourage you to sign in our database and share your observations.


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