Mobile app

The „Polish Owl Atlas” application works with the Android OS starting from version 2.2
Using the “Polish Owl Atlas” app is only possible after registering an account at
Your device must have internet access and a built-in GPS receiver.
The app is available from:

In case your device does not possess the Google Play Services tool necessary for working with the map, the app will download it automatically.

After the installation you are ready to go.

Connect to the internet and turn on your GPS receiver. After this, turn on the app.

Add observations
The map will display your current location. The compass that will appear in the upper-left corner after turning the map will help you keep track of your orientation. Mark the location of your observation on the map and click “OK”.

Species - choose from the drop-down list.
Nearest town – input name of town that is closest to the location of your observation
When choosing the observation accuracy, users have three options available - High accuracy - up to 500 m, Medium accuracy - a 2x2 km square area, Low accuracy - a 10x10 km square area.
Behaviour / nesting criteria / obseration type – choose one or more options.
Number of individuals – input the number of individuals observed and, if possible, determine their age and sex.
Place of observation / habitat – choose a habitat type of the location from the drop-down list.
Additional information – supply all additional information collected during the observation.
Observer (e-mail address) input the e-mail address that you used for registering with the on-line database (do not write your name and surname!). The app will remember your e-mail.
Co-observers – input names and surnames

If you do not want your observation to be displayed on the map, tick the box marked "I do not agree to the publication of the observation".
The app enables you to record audio files (microphone icon) and take pictures (camera icon), that can be attached to the form.
After filling out the form, click “Send”.
You can send your form at a later time. In this case, click “Save”.

Previous observations
In this tab you can find all sent (green owl silhouette) and unsent (empty icon) forms.

Polish Owl Atlas 1.0
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