I.    Definitions

1.    Owl Conservation Association - a non-governmental organization active since 2007 - abbreviated as OCA.
2.    Portal, is a platform that serves as information database located on the web at, allowing the collection and preparation of information about owls that exist in Poland, mainly for the Polish Owls Atlas.
3.    User - the person using the portal.
4.    Administrator - the person managing the portal, and the data contained therein.
5.    Regulations - this document.

II.    General Provisions

1.    Regulations define the general principles for the use of the Portal and scope of duties and responsibilities of the OCA.
2.    In the event of a special case not covered by these Rules, the Civil Code and other laws applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland will be applied.
3.    Use of the portal: means that the User is familiar with the contents of these Regulations, accepts and agrees to comply with the regulations contained therein.

III.    The User

1.    Any User who wants to enter their data into the portal, must first register and accept its rules.
2.    The User ensures that the observations made by him are true.
3.    The User has the right to hide their observations from other users.
4.    The User has the right to modify their observations, however, they need to be re-approved by the administrator.
5.    The User has the right to remove their observations.

IV.    The Administrator 

1.    The Administrator approves all observations entered into the portal and in case of an unclear observation has a right to contact the User in order to clarify such observation. If unclear observation is not allayed the administrator has the right to disapprove such observation. 
2.    The Administrator shall ensure the proper functioning of the portal , and will act accordingly to remove any defects as soon as possible.
3.    The Administrator shall ensure that data collected in the portal database will be stored. In the event of a server failure data will be restored from backup copies.
4.    The Administrator is not responsible for a third party use of data contained in the database.
5.    The Administrator does not guarantee the accuracy of data it contains , but will make every effort to ensure that data gathered is consistent with reality.
6.    OCA does not assume any responsibility , in particular civil , criminal and administrative liability for your use of the Portal in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations.

V.    Data collected in the portal

1.    OCA has the right to use data stored in the database for promotional purposes of the Polish Owls Atlas.
2.    The owner of the data entered is an observer.
3.    Users can view their observations and the observations of others, as long as their observations are not hidden.
4.    Observations of the zonal species , in particular an Eagle Owl , and breeding Great Gray Owl and Common Scops Owl communities always remain hidden and are visible only to the administrator and the author of observation. Also, observations that contain  Pygmy Owl and Tengmalm’s Owl hollow tree breeding remain suppressed at all times.
5.    In special cases, the administrator can grant a User access to hidden data but only if permitted by the author of observation.
6.    Users can use the data contained in the database for non-commercial purposes . Commercial use of data requires the consent of the administration and the authors of observation.
7.    All file attachments ( images, sound files) remain the property of the author, and their use by third parties requires permission.
8.    The User ensures that he is the author of posted attachments , or has obtained the consent of the author for publication in the portal
9.    The Administrator has the right to use the attachments for the purpose of promoting the portal and the Polish Owls Atlas only with the consent of the author.

VI.    Intellectual Property Rights

1. portal includes works protected by copyright, trademarks and other original content, in particular texts, photos, graphics and multimedia.
2.    Content of which copyright the third party is entitled to, is provided by OCA on its Portal website under applicable laws or signed contracts.
3.    All rights to the content available on the Portal, including its text and graphic elements, the selection and arrangement of pages and other elements are reserved.
4.    The User can use the works and /or databases on the Portal only to the extent of permitted use under the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws No. 24, item 83 as amended), Act dated 27 July 2001 on the protection of databases (Journal of Laws No. 128, item 1402) and the Act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition (Journal of Laws No. 47 item 211, later amended).
5.    It is prohibited to copy, modify or transmit electronically or in any other manner any part of the Portal in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OCA except as set out in the generally applicable laws .
6.    Users who on the Portal website share content to which third parties have copyrights to assume the responsibility for obtaining consent from eligible entities to distribute such content. Users are solely responsible for any damage arising from the provision on the Portal content to which the copyright belongs to any third party without the consent of the authorized entities .
7.    Users who on the Portal website share content, to which they can claim copyrights as creators, grant OCA non-exclusive right to edit, copy, and distribute such content and consent to its use by other Users for fair use.

VII.    Privacy policy and data protection

1.    In order to obtain full access to the Observations Section of, it is obligatory for a user to register by completing a registration form. Registration will allow the user to add their own observations of owls to the database that is related to the localization of species of Polish owls . The registration form contains several categories including personal data that allows identification of the user .
2.    Personal information collected through the registration form is processed in accordance with the authorization granted by the user and the requirements of the Polish Law, in particular in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204) . A collection of personal information from users is stored on the server of in a secure section that provides adequate protection. Only the administrator has a full access to the collection of personal information provided by the users.
3.    Every user that registered on the portal, has access to his personal information for the purpose of its verification, modification or deletion.
4.    Any data collected by the portal which is related to a location and number of species of owls in Poland after prior verification may be used by OCA, only and for noncommercial purposes such as creating avifaunal and scientific electronic publications, books as well as for the purposes of the protection of nature.
5.    Any data related to location of owl species as well as the first and last name of the User submitting such data will be upon verification visible to others on the portal The user consents to this during the registration process.
6.    Any data collected via the Portal that is related to the location of owls in Poland, may also be released in OCA publications that will include names of the observers. By registering on the portal and entering data on bird watching, the user consents to the publication of the above information and personal data.
7.    OCA does not give, sell or lend collected via the portal users' personal data to other people or institutions, unless it happens to the demand of legally empowered state authorities for the purposes of their investigations. OCA may, however, disclose general statistical information.

VIII.    Final Provisions

1.    OCA reserves the right to unilateral changes and modifications of the above Regulations. In case of any changes the user will be informed via the "About Us" section of the portal. •
2.    By continued use of the portal upon the change to the above Regulations the user accepts them.
3.    The above Regulations come into force on the date of their publication on the portal